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We are always looking for people interested in tech, data, coding and its societal implications.

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Hello, we are the TO-DO committee of NCF

How many times have you felt like a better understanding of data and technology could take YOUR interests to the next level? Or have you found yourself slowly becoming one with your laptop whilst wondering how you can contribute to yourself and society at the same time? The Technology Optimization and Data Observation Committee focuses on engaging NCF members with topics related to IT and data, practically and in terms of its societal implications. It might sound boring, but secretly we are the coolest committee of all.

If you have any question regarding the study association NCF, you can check out their website.


Tabio Romanski


Maya Nolles


Naomi Waterman


Quinten Harskamp

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Our Upcoming Events

Toilet data

Collecting data about the CF community 1

We are collecting data at the beurs. As the name suggests our survey happens at one of most populated places of the building: our lovely bathrooms. Visit them to find out what we want to know about the toilet visitors!

Learn more here!

Guest Lecture

We are in contact with Joshua Schäuble 2

We hope to host an interactive lecture on one of Joshua's core topics. This way we can get insights into the exciting world of digital humanities. More info soon.

More ideas

We have so much more! 3

We have plenty of ideas such as workshops on instagram bots and movie screenings with discussion rounds. Let us know what you are interested in and get in touch with us by sending an email. Don't forget to follow NCF on instagram to stay informed!

Toilet Data?

We want to get to know the growing Campus Fryslan community better. Following the nature of our committee, we do so with the use of data. Every week, there is going to be a new poster with which you can tell us a bit about yourself! We are very curious to get to know each other in a quantitative way and share a bit about CF's population!

If you want to help us and have a cool idea you are more than welcome to share them with us!


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We are very excited about this project so have a look and let us know what you think by sending us a message!

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We are curious to hear about any feedback, suggestions (for speakers, the website events...) or questions from you! We are also always open to new members!

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Where you can find us

We are at home at Campus Fryslan, Leeuwarden and online!